How Penis Enlargement Is Achieved

Many men who think they have a small penis always end up being affected psychologically. They claim that the bigger the penis the better and this has led to many penis enlargement products being sold everywhere in the world. The bigger penises make men feel powerful and tend to satisfy their women during sexual intercourse. Almost all guys in the world are obsessed with larger penises and can do anything in order to have one. Other may have a small penis but still feel contented with it. Here are some of the ways that can help you increase the size of your penis.

Use of pills and lotion

This is one of the most commonly used penis enlargement products. The pills contain hormones which can increase the size of your penis. They also contain minerals and vitamins which are essential in increasing the size of penis since they increase blood circulation to the penis.

Doing exercises

Exercises are one of the cheapest, safe and effective ways to increase size of penis. They make penises larger and more toned naturally without using chemicals. The exercising of the muscles of the penis allows them to hold more blood during erection hence leading to increased size. Once the penis enlarges, stopping doing the exercises will not affect its length.

Using vacuum pumps

A vacuum pump is used to draw blood to the head of the penis and then a ring is tightly clamped at the penis to prevent back flow of the blood. The method may have permanent effect on penis.

Using penis enlargement devices and patches

The penis cells are exposed to the device which will increase their division and multiplication. Increase in cells will lead to increase in tissue mass. This will allow the penis to hold more blood. Patches help in delivering herbal nutrient to penis which supplements penis growth.